Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is custom photography so expensive?

I am a self employed photographer. I pay taxes, carry insurance, as well as manage a budget that both seeks to improve the business and help support a family. When you choose me, you receive a custom experience for your family portraits and not a cookie cutter prepackaged commercial experience. We plan together, I meet the kids, we watch the weather, and finally we arrive and make some beautiful memories

2. When will my proofing gallery be ready?

Your proofing gallery will be presented online anywhere from 7-14 days after your portrait experience. My attention to detail is second to none. Each photograph is carefully edited to remove distractions, to give correct skin tone colors, and to bring out the best of the experience you’ve had.

3. What do you mean by “lifestyle” photography?

I mean that I will not forcefully or strictly pose or stage you and your family. I will ask you to stand in a certain place, and give you a suggestion for what to do, prompts for who to look at and perhaps a joke to tell. I will ask you to find a happy moment and share it. I’ll suggest you to tickle, chase, piggy back, swing, snuggle, nuzzle, tell a secret, walk, run, twirl… and above all, be yourselves.

This is YOUR life and YOUR memories, and I want very much for you to come to me after and tell me “that is EXACTLY my son’s/daughter’s/spouses expression, you captured it perfectly”. Those words are treasured in my heart forever.

4. Why am I only given permission to print on my own through www.mpix.com?

The absolute best quality of prints and products you can find will be through me. I have contracted with multiple professional print labs and I have endless options for your homes and on your walls.

If you’d like to purchase a digital file for future printing on your own, I limit to you to www.mpix.com for your printing needs because I care about the quality that goes in your home. MPix.com is the only consumer print lab I can trust my work to look the way it was intended to – correct colors and a beautiful, lifelong quality. If you have any specific needs or requests, by all means, please ask!

I also no longer release full size digital media. High-res files are printable up to 11×14 in size for your personal use only. This is to protect brand integrity. There is much more involved in preparing an image for large wall display… so much more so, that you should trust the professional to do it for you.

5. What kind of scenery and/or locations do you use? Can I choose my own location?

I prefer wooded locations that offer architectural backgrounds for variety as well as forests, bodies of water, etc. I have multiple locations that I use in the San Antonio area. Some are even near or at my home. If you have a specific location, I would love to go check it out as we plan your session together.

6. What is your cancellation/refund/reschedule policy?

Your $75 session fee secures your date. It is non-refundable. Reschedules can be granted for a change fee and is subject to current available dates open. Emergency reschedules will be granted with documentation for no cost and all efforts will be made to find a new date that works for everyone.

7. What if it rains?

Weather conditions are normally called 1-4 hours prior to session start time, and sometimes after everyone has arrived at the session location. All efforts are made to complete your session on a favorable weather day. I shoot in full sun, partly cloudy and light full overcast. I will not shoot in rain, excessive wind, or dark overcast. All weather calls are the reserved right of the photographer. Please trust me!

8. What is the difference between a full session and a mini session?

A full session is what is advertised and offered.

Mini sessions are specific dates/times and a special location such as a Christmas tree farm, cotton field, blue bonnet patch, etc. These are usually hosted a few times a year and sell out very fast, as they are discounted and bundled packages.